"Alex Skinner has translated many of my essays and talks into English. I'm impressed by the precision and clarity of his translations, particularly of those passages requiring specialist knowledge and a deft touch. Above all, his translations actually read like real English - rather than German dressed up as English".

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Herbert, University of Freiburg

"Alex Skinner is the best translator of texts in the social sciences and humanities I have come across in twenty years of scholarly activity in political science and communication studies between Hamburg, Erfurt, Cambridge and Oxford. His texts are so felicitous that I have become aware of certain facets of the meaning of my own statements (in German) only after reading his translations (into English). As far as I'm concerned, there can be no greater praise for a translator".

Prof. Dr. Kai Hafez, University of Erfurt

"Alex Skinner is the ideal translator. His translations precisely capture the meaning of the German text, but rather than 'clinging' to its structure they transform it into elegant English. In terms of both language and the formal arrangement of the text, Alex is a perfectionist. It’s been a consistent pleasure to work with him".

Dr. Cornelius Torp, Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg

"Alex Skinner translated my book on Alva and Gunnar Myrdal within a very tight timeframe. The whole collaborative process went without a hitch and it was a pleasure to work with him. I can recommend him without reservation".

Prof. Dr. Thomas Etzemüller, University of Oldenburg

"...translated into very readable English by Alex Skinner”.

Global Media and Communication (referring to The Myth of Media Globalization by Kai Hafez)

“Alex Skinner [is to be congratulated] for an excellent translation”.

Jeffrey Verhey, Humboldt University, Berlin (referring to War Experiences in Rural Germany by Benjamin Ziemann)

"Mr Skinner translated my complex chapter in the volume The Cultural Values of Europe from German into English. His work was outstanding. I recommend him without reservation".

Prof. em. Dr. Wolfgang Reinhard, Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies

"I am delighted with Alex Skinner's work; his translations are competent, stylistically assured and precisely researched. He also has an elegant way of bringing inaccuracies – in quotations for example – to the author's attention"

Prof. Dr. Ernst Peter Fischer, University of Constance

"Alex Skinner has translated a number of my books. I'm very impressed by his feeling for language and his ability to grasp the essence of difficult sociological and philosophical texts. I highly recommend him - though I hesitate to do so because I'd like to be able to use his services myself whenever the need arises".

Prof. Dr. Hans Joas, University of Chicago and University of Erfurt

"A translation is always a hazardous enterprise - has it captured the substance of the original? Does it convey the tone, the mode of expression, the flow of words? Alex Skinner provided me with a translation that satisfied me in every respect".

Prof. Dr. em. Heinrich von Stietencron, University of Tübingen

"Mr Skinner translated a complicated legal text on state-church relations from German into English for me. He managed to produce an appropriate synthesis that remained faithful to the original while also conveying the gist of the text to an English-speaking readership – making the English text better than the German original. I recommend him unreservedly".

Prof. Dr. Winfried Brugger, University of Heidelberg

"You translated my complex German article on the de-secularization of the Middle East conflict into English in an unerringly accurate and stylistically pleasing fashion. An outstanding achievement".

Prof. Dr. Hans G. Kippenberg, University of Bremen

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