the anthologies listed below are a good example of the remarkably wide range of topics alex has translated within the social sciences and humanities.

Siegfried Schieder and Manuela Spindler, Theories of International Relations (London: Routledge, forthcoming)

1. Theories of International Relations: Introduction - Manuela Spindler and Siegfried Schieder
2. Realism - Andreas Jacobs 
3. Neorealism - Niklas Schörnig
4. Interdependence - Manuela Spindler  
5. Regime Theory - Bernhard Zangl 
6. Neofunctionalism - Thomas Conzelmann 
7. New Liberalism - Siegfried Schieder 
8. Liberal Approaches to the “Democratic Peace” - Andreas Hasenclever 
9. The English School - Christopher Daase 
10. World Society and Globalization - Ingo Take
11. The Theory of Imperialism - Michael Heinrich 
12. World-System Theory - Andreas Nölke 
13. Neo-Gramscian Perspectives - Andreas Bieler and Adam David Morton
14. International Political Economy - Hans-Jürgen Bieling
15. Social Constructivism - Cornelia Ulbert
16. Critical Theory - Christoph Humrich
17. Postmodern Approaches - Thomas Diez
18. Feminist Approaches - Barbara Finke
19. Critical Geopolitics - Mathias Albert, Paul Reuber and Günther Wolkersdorfer
Hans Joas and Klaus Wiegandt, The Cultural Values of Europe (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2008)

Foreword - Hans Joas and Klaus Wiegandt
The Cultural Values of Europe: An Introduction - Hans Joas

1. The Axial Age in World History - Shmuel N. Eisenstadt
2. The Judeo-Christian Tradition - Wolfgang Huber
3. The Greco-Roman Tradition - Christian Meier
4. How Europe Became Diverse: On the Medieval Roots of the Plurality of Values - Michael Borgolte
5. Freedom, Slavery, and the Modern Construction of Rights - Orlando Patterson
6. The Value of Introspection - Kurt Flasch
7. Rationality - A Specifically European Characteristic? - Wolfgang Schluchter
8. The Affirmation of Ordinary Life - Wolfgang Reinhard
9. Inner Nature and Social Normativity: The Idea of Self-Realization - Christoph Menke
10. The Status of the Enlightenment in German History - Reinhart Koselleck
11. The Dark Continent: Europe and Totalitarianism - Mark Mazower 12. Value Change in Europe from the Perspective of Empirical Social Research - Helmut Thome
13. The Realities of Cultural Struggles - Dieter Senghaas
14. The Contest of Values: Notes on Contemporary Islamic Discourse - Gudrun Kramer
15. Does Europe Have a Cultural Identity? - Peter Wagner

Afterword - Klaus Wiegandt
Hans Joas and Klaus Wiegandt, Secularization and the World Religions (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2009)

Foreword - Hans Joas and Klaus Wiegandt
Society, State and Religion: Their Relationship from the Perspective of the World Religions: An Introduction - Hans Joas

1. Catholic Christianity - Cardinal Karl Lehmann
2. Protestantism - Friedrich Wilhelm Graf
3. The Departure and Return of God: Secularization and Theologization in Judaism - Eckart Otto
4. Islam and Secularization - Gudrun Kramer
5. Hinduism - Heinrich von Stietencron
6. Secularization: Confucianism and Buddhism - Rudolf G. Wagner
7. From Hostility through Recognition to Identification: State-Church Models and their Relationship to Freedom of Religion - Winfried Brugger
8. “Science Doesn't Tremble”: The Secular Natural Sciences and the Modern Feeling for Life - Ernst Peter Fischer
9. The Religious Situation in Europe - Jose Casanova
10. The Religious Situation in the USA - Hans Joas
11. The Religious Situation in East Asia - Joachim Gentz
12. The Relevance of the European Model of Secularization in Latin America and Africa - David Martin
13. The Desecularization of the Middle East Conflict: From a Conflict between States to a Conflict between Religious Communities - Hans G. Kippenberg

Afterword - Klaus Wiegandt

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