Alex is exceptional among translators as his work is enriched by both a first-class MA in German (and Danish) from the University of Edinburgh and an MSc in social anthropology from the London School of Economics.

The English-speaking countries have a poor record of producing outstanding language graduates who go on to become translators, and Alex is one of the very few of these to specialize exclusively in the social sciences and humanities.

Rounding out this picture of excellence, Alex has ten years' experience translating the work of German-speaking scholars. His work has attracted high praise from outstanding intellectuals such as Hans Joas, Manuela Spindler, Wolfgang Reinhard, Kai Hafez and Hans Kippenberg. Most important of all, rather than merely translating texts from German into English, Alex writes an entirely new text in English. Far from the stumbling, inelegant translations often made of German social scientific and historical writings, Alex's work benefits from his rare combination of relevant knowledge and first-rate writing skills.

First-class MA in German and Danish

the university of edinburgh

MSc in Social Anthropology

the london school of economics

What would the author have written had she or he been a native English speaker? Guided by this key question, Alex's translations not only convey the meaning of the original German but deploy authentic contemporary English to do so.

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